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Fragile times call for anti-fragile technology.

 We are bringing this technology to everyone, when & where it matters the most.

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Sync is excited to share how the world is warming up to our mission.
Brief History

We're just getting started.

We start working on the idea
August 2016
Our families were enduring harsh weather in another part of the world, while we were busy coding challenging A.I.+engineering problems for home work. It was our moment of epiphany to build a no-code A.I. software for helping people during natural emergencies.
Backed by an accelerator
September 2020
Over the last four years, we secured letters of interest from US Department of Energy national laboratory, collaborated with utilities and universities, secured two US patents, and built a product that just works.
Launched to public
October 2020
We are launching our product this October for the whole wide world to adopt anti-fragile technology.


What is Sync?
Sync is a SaaS + PaaS for enabling access to artificial intelligence models or performing complex simulations, without having to write elaborate code. Sync is delivered to end users via web applications, smartphone apps, and REST APIs. Sync can be hosted on your company's private cloud, or on our servers located in the same country as your utility.
How can I try Sync today?
Sync is currently available to our customers and select partners in the US, India, and Australia. Please send an email to to schedule a conversation with us, and we can walk you through Sync, and discuss giving you login credentials to check out Sync.
How much does Sync cost?
Using Sync is billed at number of simulations performed or queries requested by our utility customers. Soon, we will roll out free Sync APIs for research and non-profits use.

For general public use of select data and enabling customer participation in smart grids, our Sync X will be available for free on Google Playstore and Apple App Store.
Who is Sync designed for?
Sync REST APIs are for any developer in any industry, requiring power engineering or distribution system data analytics or ML models. Sync's web-apps dashboards are designed for utility planners, operators, and engineers working in the emergency response and disaster planning teams.
What's Sync's data security policy?
We deal with critical infrastructure data, so we take cyber security very seriously.  We ensure that all models uploaded to our servers are 256-bit encrypted, exchanged via SSL, and never leave the border of the utility's country. All personally-identifiable information is automatically redacted before any utility data stored in our servers. Sync software is NERC CIP compliant, and all of Sync software suite complies with European GDPR and California Privacy Laws.
What do we need to install Sync?
Sync is delivered as a web-app for our dashboards and analytics, or via REST APIs for programmatic access. So, any computer running a modern browser can run use Sync.
Where is Sync located?
Sync is a global company, born in the USA. We are headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. We have offices in New York, USA and Calcutta, India. We are opening shop in Tokyo, Japan in 2021.
We are not a utility or in the energy industry. How can we use Sync?
Sync is fundamentally a prediction and forecasting toolkit for any supply-chain oriented industry. We collaborate with non-profits, cold-storages, community shelter, schools, universities across the world. Please send us an email at, and we will set up a call to discuss.
What kind of after-sales support does Sync provide?
We dedicate a full-time application engineer to work with your utility during our partnership.

For our utility partners, we provide free 24x7 IT, tech and installation related to Sync software. Our team also provide support in modeling networks and distribution system simulations.

For other Sync products, supported is provided via community or by emailing