Energy A.I. On Demand.

Sync develops no-code AI-based predictive simulations and analytics

, that streamline planning and operations for electrical utilities. Everyday. Especially during emergencies and disaster events.


All the analytics. No coding required.

Know every if-then-what-why. And also, when and how.

 Designed for advanced analytics, at the speed of thought.

Conversational A.I.
Query data, construct Machine Learning Models & run forecasts using natural language.
Perform Simulations Instead of Just Calculations.
Empower engineers to design experiments for creative problem solving.
Unlock the data hidden in cables and conduits.
Asset-by-asset analysis helps prioritize plans and rate case design.
What is Sync?

Sync is a collaboration platform for A.I. and Humans

What can Sync do for electric utilities?

Emergency Response

Predict impact of events. 96 hours in advance.

System restoration and anti-islanding prediction

Strategies to minimize outages during wildfires. Or prevent starting one.

Safer crew navigation and outage management
Knowledge Graphs

Unify experiences and expertise of all utility employees.

Because we know more together, than individually.

 Sync builds a knowledge graph across your utility's different departments, to extract crucial insights and ideas.

Data Science

One API. Many Insights.

Maintaining multiple APIs is expensive.

Sync APIs are designed to provide more than 50+ analytics, forecasts, and visualizations with one API Key.

Sync is a simple choice.



Pre-built ML models and A.I. algorithms help save utilities 10,000+ hours development time


Integrates with your tools.

Sync provides APIs, Excel Macros, and can link with common industry software


Unleash productivity.

We are building the ultimate engineer & crew experience, making them relaxed during crisis.
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Customer Downtime & SAIDI reduction
* based on simulations and initial results
In Numbers
  • < 4%
    MAPE in extreme events progress forecasts
  • 65+
    Pre-built Machine Learning Models
  • 81%
    Accuracy in asset impact estimations
Sync's Knowledge Base
Sync's Events Intelligence Database reads research papers, blogs, news, standards to automatically extract trends and best mitigation algorithms

We are in the news.

Sync's use-cases go beyond the utility.

Hungry and there's nothing to eat.

This is a part of life for millions across the world.
Sync is using its climate change and weather predicting artificial intelligence to drive new food processing technologies that will ensure food security in the 21st century. We are partnering with Rise Against Hunger to solve this issue.

Every life matters.

There's no detail too small to overlook.
The greatest human skill is communication and understanding imminent threats using our five senses. Emergencies and natural disasters test these human limits. Sync's A.I. augments human instincts to enhance our capabilities to help one another during the worst times.

Underwrite vulnerable assets with confidences.

Know what could go wrong before it actually does.
Utility critical asset insurance is a major financial risk worth billions of dollars, globally. Sync helps insurance companies understand the potential paths of harm their insured assets can come across, and to what extent it will be damaged - to create modern, dynamic premium paradigms.

Weather patterns are changing.

We can predict future trends in this pattern.
The 21st century will be the century when the climate changes. We are already seeing stronger and more frequent storms, complex disasters and surging world population to manage. Advanced analytics can help.
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What is Sync?
Sync is a SaaS + PaaS for enabling access to artificial intelligence models or performing complex simulations, without having to write elaborate code. Sync is delivered to end users via web applications, smartphone apps, and REST APIs. Sync can be hosted on your company's private cloud, or on our servers located in the same country as your utility.
How can I try Sync today?
Sync is currently available to our customers and select partners in the US, India, and Australia. Please send an email to to schedule a conversation with us, and we can walk you through Sync, and discuss giving you login credentials to check out Sync.
How much does Sync cost?
Using Sync is billed at number of simulations performed or queries requested by our utility customers. Soon, we will roll out free Sync APIs for research and non-profits use.

For general public use of select data and enabling customer participation in smart grids, our Sync X will be available for free on Google Playstore and Apple App Store.
Who is Sync designed for?
Sync REST APIs are for any developer in any industry, requiring power engineering or distribution system data analytics or ML models. Sync's web-apps dashboards are designed for utility planners, operators, and engineers working in the emergency response and disaster planning teams.
What's Sync's data security policy?
We deal with critical infrastructure data, so we take cyber security very seriously.  We ensure that all models uploaded to our servers are 256-bit encrypted, exchanged via SSL, and never leave the border of the utility's country. All personally-identifiable information is automatically redacted before any utility data stored in our servers. Sync software is NERC CIP compliant, and all of Sync software suite complies with European GDPR and California Privacy Laws.
What do we need to install Sync?
Sync is delivered as a web-app for our dashboards and analytics, or via REST APIs for programmatic access. So, any computer running a modern browser can run use Sync.
Where is Sync located?
Sync is a global company, born in the USA. We are headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. We have offices in New York, USA and Calcutta, India. We are opening shop in Tokyo, Japan in 2021.
We are not a utility or in the energy industry. How can we use Sync?
Sync is fundamentally a prediction and forecasting toolkit for any supply-chain oriented industry. We collaborate with non-profits, cold-storages, community shelter, schools, universities across the world. Please send us an email at, and we will set up a call to discuss.
What kind of after-sales support does Sync provide?
We dedicate a full-time application engineer to work with your utility during our partnership.

For our utility partners, we provide free 24x7 IT, tech and installation related to Sync software. Our team also provide support in modeling networks and distribution system simulations.

For other Sync products, supported is provided via community or by emailing

More questions?

 We love that. Please send us a message below.
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